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The 7 Best Video Meeting Apps

  • 5 June، 2020

Fuze Rooms

We will show you the 7 best video meeting Apps as many users are using video chat applications to create a group conversation with all friends , at the same time, many other people are using those video chat application for studying and meetings to connect team members with each other . One day, I tried to add my friends in a group conversation on WhatsApp, but the application has limits, as it does not allow adding more than 4 people. Fortunately, there are some apps that allow you to make a group video call with more than 4 people.

The 7 Best Video Meeting Apps

we have made a list of 8 applications that have the higher review by people who have used it and give it a higher rate


video chat apps 7

Zoom is program specialized in video calls, where one of the callers hosts the call, and the host can control everything within the confenrece, it also provide you to have a video call with up to 100 other users

Summary :

  • Application is not free
  • You can have a conference with up to 100 users

Official Website : Zoom

Google Meet

video chat apps 8

Google meet considered as one of the most powerful app that you can use to have a video conference with your team workers as all we know google is the largest company around the world and you can have a conference video call with up to 100 users

Summary :

  • Application is free
  • You can host up to 100 users

Official Website : Google Meet 

Microsoft Teams

video chat apps 2

Microsoft Team is one of the most important video chat application. It is an alternative to the popular Skype for Business app. you can use this application to send messages and make meetings and video conference on the Internet with your team workers. With this app you can have a meeting with your team of up to 250 people. The app holds all the tools for any business. also you can use screen sharing feature that allow you to share your screen in the online meeting, you can send instant messaging, aslo you can record meeting. Generally, Microsoft Teams is free when you have a subscription to microsoft office application

Summary :

  • This Application is not free
  • You can have the application starting from 5 dollars per month
  • You can make a video conference with up to 250 people

Official Website : Microsoft Teams


Hangouts Meet

video chat apps 3

This application allows you to have meetings with up to 250 users as well like Microsoft teams. Video meetings are available within the subscription of G Suite and also give you Google Drive storage space

Summary : 

  • You can have 14 days free trial to try using this program
  • price starting from 6 dollars per month
  • like microsoft team you can have a video conference with 250 people

Official Website : Hangouts meet

Zoho Meeting

video chat apps 4 1

The Zoho app is a new application in the market thus app provides everything essential for online meetings. It provides everything you will need for the online conference. the application also have instant messages feature. And group video calls as well. And also the ability to record meetings, and also you can have 250 users per meeting

Summary : 

Application is not free

you can have up to 14 days to try the application

Starting price is 8 dollars per month

Official Website :  Zoho Meeting


video chat apps 5

This app has been around for a long time it allows you to create online meetings as can have meeting with up to 3000 people per meeting. They can enter the meeting with computer or mobile phone. the company offers many prices you can choose what is suitable for you

Summary : 

GoToMeeting is not free application

you have try the application in the first 14 days for free

price starts from 12 dollars per month

Official Website : GoToMeeting


Cisco Webex Meetings

video chat apps 6

This app is good for small businesses that mostly hold small number of workers. it have is a free subscription in the application. the free subscription allows you to have a 40-minute meeting. But if you need more time, you will need to subscribe to one of the company’s plans

Summary : 

  • You can use the application for free if you dont need more than 40 minutes
  • Starting price 13.5 Dollars per month
  • You can use the application for free in the first 30 days

Official Website :  Cisco Webex Meetings


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